Photo Competition 2022

We were totally overwhelmed at the quality of the entries for last year’s competition and are equally excited to announce this year’s competition!

Prizes for the various different categories are as follows:

Best Wildlife Photo

This could be a mammal, bird, insect or reptile, or anything alive!

Prize - £50 Voucher off your next stay, a framed print of your photo and a Stay Wild t-shirt.

Best Sky Photo

This could be the night sky, a perfect sunset, sunrise, rainbow, cloud formation, etc - if it’s up there, it qualifies!

Prize - £50 Voucher off your next stay, a framed print of your photo and a Stay Wild t-shirt.

Best Family Photo

Smiley faces abound! To win this prize, you’ll capture that perfect moment as you all relax, unwind and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors here.

Prize - a £50 voucher for your next stay and a Stay Wild t-shirt for all family members

Best Overall Photo

This is our favourite photo overall from every entrant - we’re looking for something that really encapsulates the ethos of the site here and the subject can be absolutely anything.

Prize - £100 Cash, a framed print of your photo, a Stay Wild t-shirt and a £50 voucher for your next stay.

Bonus Prizes

Again, this year, we are also offering some mini prizes for our favourite photo of the following creatures, to really get you out there hunting for them! Nobody bagged a single one last year, so here’s hoping! (Don’t forget, you can hire a trail cam or night vision from us right on site!). PS - All the following creatures have been spotted here recently...

Deer - £20

Lizard - £20

Owl - £20

Red Kite - £20 (one flew over just the other day!)

Stick Insect - £20

To enter, simply follow these simple instructions:

  • (On a desktop computer) Upload the picture to our Google account - search "stay wild cornwall" on google (or navigate to ), then click the grey “add a photo” and upload your image there.

  • E-mail your photos to us at - Please include any description you would like about the picture, your contact info and date you stayed.

Winners will be picked on or before 31st December 2022 and notified by email and on our Facebook page during 2023. Prizes will be sent during 2023.

Please note that by entering the competition, you agree to us using your uploaded photos for our website, online, social media and advertising purposes.

Good luck!

Tim, Clare & The Stay Wild Family x

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