Rules and Regs

Stay Wild - Please Take Note!


We try not to have too many rules and regulations here - but obviously there are some things we must point out as a priority, in order that the guests and wildlife stay safe and also that the local residents, our neighbours, are respected at all times.  Staying here is like being a guest in the wildlife's habitat, so please understand you are a visitor into their space.

First and Foremost - this is a QUIET SITE.  No loud music please and please try your best to curb any unnecessary screaming and shouting etc, particularly later on in the evening.  Sound travels very far in our village and the local residents & other guests are here because they enjoy the peace and quiet and want to see some wildlife!  Please don’t spoil it for them or yourself!  We operate a strict no-noise after 10pm policy.  If you are unable to adhere to this policy, you may be asked to leave. If anything is bothering you whilst you are here, please text us immediately.   Please be especially quiet if you are accessing or leaving the site late at night, i.e. coming back from the pub!


Arrival and Departures

If you are in a group, we’d respectfully ask that you please try not to arrive or leave in large convoys, but instead try and spread yourselves out a little.  This should lessen the apparent impact of our site to our lovely neighbours and ensure that the delicate synergy of the site and the local residents remains intact.  Thank you.  Please do not arrive before the 4pm check-in time unless by express prior agreement.  The access lane to the site is commonly used by dog walkers etc - please drive slowly along it and be very careful.  There is a passing place just over half way down on the left.  We require you to leave by 10.00am on the day of your departure please.

Chemical Toilets - VERY IMPORTANT

There is no chemical toilet waste disposal on site.  No wet-wipes down the toilets PLEASE. (even “biodegradable” ones please).  We are on a private sewage system here, not the mains and either of these rules being broken could completely ruin or block up our very sensitive system.  This would be very bad and we thank you for taking these rules very seriously indeed.  Please do not put any harsh chemicals such as bleach down the drain at all.

Motorhomes & Caravans

We do not accept Motorhomes or Caravans here, sorry.  Campervans and Tents only.  Please use the toilets provided.


Campfires are allowed and encouraged, but please only in the designated fire-pit areas.  These are safe areas chosen for location to reduce any risk and for prevention of light pollution.  If you need any help with fire-wood, kindling or firelighters, just give us a shout.  Please never break any live trees or plants, or use wood you might see lying around.  These are most probably piles of branches, purposely left there as “bug hotels” and are not for burning please!


BBQs are fine, but never directly on the grass please.  There should be some blocks on your pitch that you can use if needed.  If not and you need something, just let us know and we’ll sort it out for you.  If you are having a fire of any type, please never leave it unattended and always make sure there is a fire bucket nearby and preferably some water too, in case you do need to control it safely.  Please never have large fires either - there is no need.  Doing so is dangerous and also causes a lot of light pollution too.  Our site is only suitable for small, contained camp fires please.

NEVER take a lit BBQ or any other fire into a tent/awning or Campervan.

  • Pitches - Please note that due to fire regulations you must pitch at least three, preferably six, metres away from anyone else. Unfortunately if this rule is not adhered to you may be asked to re-pitch (and no one likes that).  You will find fire buckets, blankets & extinguishers in prominent places around the site, please make yourself aware of where these are located. 

  • Please pitch tents a minimum of 4m apart within your own group/bubble and a minimum of 6m away from those in other parties.  This is a COVID-19 requirement.

  • Other than on pitch 1, the top pitch, please keep cars off of the pitches as much as possible and parked in the car park at the bottom of the first field, near the bin.  Thank you.  Please adhere to the maximum of 5mph at all times when on site.

  • Please keep dogs on leads throughout the site and please no dogs past the no entry signs.  Please be courteous and always clean up after your dog. There is a maximum of 2 dogs.  Dogs are not allowed on pitch 3 at all and you must contact us to discuss before booking any stay with a dog please.

  • Wherever possible, please use eco-friendly products for washing and washing up.  Again this makes a huge difference to our sensitive, private sewage-treatment system, which relies on living bacteria to work properly and too many harsh chemicals kill them off and prevent them from doing their job!

  • Please recycle where possible and put in the Recycle bins provided, Please also at the end of your stay, please dispose of any normal rubbish in the General Waste Bin.  There are three bins here, please take the time to use them correctly - Mixed Recycling, Glass, and General Waste.  They are clearly marked.  You will be given bin bags on arrival, but if you need more, please let us know.  Never leave food waste outside at night!

  • Please be aware of the uneven ground around the site.  Animals dig holes all the time and there can be stones sticking out etc.  Keep your eyes peeled!

  • Please always keep all gates closed. 

  • Please do not enter the Alpaca fields under any circumstance - particularly children.

  • Strictly no kite flying on site - please be aware of overhead power-lines on certain pitches and be careful not to play with any arial toys in their vicinity.​

  • Most of all - have fun! Relax, Unwind and Luxuriate!  If anything is missing from your stay, please let us know - we value any and all feedback and will always be looking to improve our offering and facilities in ways even we probably haven’t thought of yet and we rely on your feedback to find these out!



This year, we need to add some further information to ensure we all stay safe during the current Coronavirus pandemic.


  • Please ensure tents are pitched a minimum of 6 metres away from any other units not in your party.

  • Please adhere to the current government guidelines for social distancing at all times.

  • Please use the hand sanitizer provided around the site before and after touch points such as gates and in and around the facilities.  If you notice any of these have run out at any time, please drop us a text and we’ll refill it as soon as possible.

  • Please if you notice anything at any time that gives you any cause for concern, please let us know immediately and it will be addressed.