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Welcome to Stay Wild - Cornwall


 In this section, you'll find information on the site, it’s wildlife and our all important rules and regulations.  We’ll also give you some helpful information on the surrounding bits and bobs and some suggestions of places you might like to go during your stay.


 The emphasis here is to forget all about your phone, TV, computer and normal work-life.  To relax and take note of what is around you.  To re-connect with your family and friends.  We want you to lose yourself, then find yourself again!  There are many different types of plants, flowers and trees to discover, and with it come the plethora of wildlife that is all around us here all the time.  

 Once the sun goes down (in glorious style on a clear night!) - you might be served with one of the best night’s skies you’ll have ever seen.  On a good night, you can see so many stars and planets and the Milky Way is clear to see.  Keep on watching and you’ll discover Planets, Satellites, the International Space Station and very often you’ll see shooting stars too.  There are a few different apps you can download and point at things and they will tell you what they are - it’s lots of fun!  Ask about our infra-red wildlife camera and night vision binoculars if you really want to see what's going on too!

Staying here is like being a guest in the wildlife's habitat, so please understand you are invited into their space. If you stay quiet, you can see all sorts of things here!  If you get any good photos - we love you to send them to us, so we can share!

See you soon! 

Tim & Clare.  

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