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A Cornish Dry Gin that really stands out!


Healeys Rattler Cornish Dry Gin is distilled from scratch in the first distillery to be built in Cornwall for 300 years. Made using their award-winning cyder to provide a crisp, fresh flavour that is truly one of a kind.


We've taste tested mayn local gins now and selected this one as it really does stand out as a one of a kind, refreshing Gin - Just try it!


Here's a great video explaining exactly how they make it and shows the local distillery at Healeys.  It's a great place to visit and they also run two cracking festivals a year there too.


See our other items in the shop for various mixers including tonic.


37.5% ABV



Made in Cornwall.

Rattler Dry Gin - 70cl

SKU: RattlerGin70
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