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Description :
Mystical Fire is a unique new product that will add hours of enjoyment to any solid fuel fire! Everyone who enjoys a fire indoors and out, whether a campfire, a garden firepit brazier or Chimenea will love Mystical Fire. Turn any fire into a show of vibrant blue, green, purple and red. Delight your family, mystify your friends. Simply throw the entire pack into your fire and watch the transformation. Each pack will provide over half an hour of vivid entertainment.

Features :

  • Each sachet when added to any woodburning fire produces brilliant colors of red, green, blue, violet and can last up to 40 minutes or more
  • Safe and easy to use product
  • Simply toss the entire unopened sachet directly onto the fire. Within seconds it begins producing wonderful coloured flames
  • Each Sachet weighs 25 grams
  • For Best results put 1-3 sachets on to any wood burning fire
  • Please note, for safety purposes, please do not cook over magic flames

Magic Fire - Mystical Coloured Flames!

SKU: Magicflames
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