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Helles Lager 4.8% ABV


If you've never tried a Verdant beer before, you have to give this a try whilst you're so close to the Brewery to see what everyone's talking about!  If you have tried them before, then you'll be really pleased to see you can buy them right here on-site and have them delivered directly to your pitch :) 


This is one of the most refreshing lagers you will ever try.  Smooth, rounded, pale golden, malty and with a subtle touch of hop bitters.


Brewed within minutes of Stay Wild, Verdant Brewery has an exceptional reputation for producing great beers.  You can visit their taproom in Penryn and enjoy a great selection of their latest offerings and grab a wood-fired pizza whilst you're there :)


Here's what they say:


Our interpretation of a Munich Helles is softly malty, smooth and rounded with a tiny flourish of herbaceous hop bitters on the back end. Sessionable, clean and very very moreish.  


With the incredible help of Browar Stu Mostów's Head Brewer, Beinat, we took the giant leap and brewed our first ever Munich Helles. We even performed our inaugural decoction mash which has added that wonderful malty complexity so classic to the style.


This is the first of many Helles iterations and we're mega excited about that!

Lager - Verdant "Helles" (4.8% ABV) - 4 x 440ml cans

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