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We tested lots of different options before we arrived at stocking the Hotties.  A great, long burning, consistent heat log - we've stocked these with the wood-burner in mind, but they can equally be used in any of our firepits too.



  • Hotties Heatlogs are made from FSC(r) certified sawdust and chips with no additives or binders
  • Guaranteed to be dry with a moisture content of less than 6%. Very low compared to solid wood logs
  • Hotties heat logs are denser and drier than other Heatlogs and do not expand or crumble, giving off a powerful and reliable heat every time
  • Hotties Heatlogs compare favourably with other household fuels. You get far more energy density for your money
  • Hotties are carbon lean, using renewable fuels is good for the environment
  • As Hotties Heatlogs are denser and drier (around 5% moisture) than seasoned logs, kiln dried logs and other Heatlogs, they produce a more powerful and reliable heat every time. This means they are more cost effective and convenient to use. Less moisture = more heat
  • Clean to handle and easy to stack and store
  • Consistent and reliable heat producing a clean, attractive flame
  • Great when used alone or mixed with regular fuels, no spitting or sparking

Hotties Heat Logs x 1 bag of 10

SKU: hotties10
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