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Premium, easy to burn, kiln dried Birch Firewood.  Perfect for firepits and cooking over on the provided tripod grills.  Burns easily, unlike cheaper, "seasoned" wood.  (cheaper wood is available from local Rame post office or garages if you prefer).  


Kiln-dried Hardwood Logs.

Standard Handy Bags of kiln-dried logs delivered straight to your pitch.


When it comes to wood fuel, Kiln Dried Logs are the finest that money can buy. Extremely dry, with a Ready to Burn-certified moisture content of less than 18%, Kiln Dried Logs burn hotter and for longer than any other type of log fuel. 


These powerful Kiln Dried Logs meet strict quality control guidelines that control the moisture content, size, package volume, species and country of origin.

Kiln Dried Logs are a premium fuel and provide an unbeatable, authentic log fire with a heat and aroma that is unique to this type of fuel.


  • 100% quality assured Premuim kiln dried Birch hardwood.
  • Average moisture content below <18%
  • Kiln dried Birch logs give the ultimate clean burn with maximum heat output with a fantastic flame
  • Long lasting & high heat


Please see our other listings for kindling, firelighters and other related items.

Firewood - Bag of Kiln Dried Cornish Silver Birch Logs

SKU: PremFWBag
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